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Online Ads

You need online advertising for a B2B website or a website with a scientific audience? netxperts will put the most relevant ad platforms to use to maximize your success.

Google Ads

Bing Ads

Facebook Ads

Scientific Ads

Online Advertising for Scientific Companies

How scientific campaigns succeed

How can your scientific campaigns in Google Ads, Bing, Facebook and Co. can be more successful? Basically, the success factors for campaigns are always the same: (1) strict focus on a suitable scientific target group (2) the right offer (3) good ads (4) a well converting campaign target page. However, one must not forget to convince users with meaningful, confidence-building content. netxperts can advise changes to your website, in order to achieve the best possible results.

What does a Google Ads service provider need to make campaigns more successful?

A Google Ads expert will help you to research the optimal keywords for your scientific campaigns, create suitable ads and optimize your campaign target pages. Campaigns also need to be monitored and optimized on an ongoing basis.
A very important point, which laymen often forget, is the creation of optimal measurability for the campaigns. Without measurability, campaigns are driven blind. That would be like driving a car with your windshield fogged up: The person who controls the campaign then does not know which parts of the campaign are successful and which are not. The result: unnecessary costs.

Bing Campaigns

Bing campaigns are quite similar to Google Ads, after all both Google and Bing are search engines. However, working with Bing campaigns is somewhat different: since Google is the largest provider in terms of market share, which means that many companies already use Google Ads, Bing offers the possibility to import campaigns. So you don't have to create complicated campaigns in two different systems, but can use the import function. There are a few things to keep in mind, but the big advantage is that all search campaigns - no matter which provider - can be designed uniformly. And Bing has a large market share in the most imporant target market for most scientific offering: The US market. B2B & Scientific campaigns work particularly well at Bing, since most of these target users have a windows computer at work, which includes a bing search bar.

Facebook Ads 

Facebook is the worlds largest social network and has excellent targeting mechanisms that can be utilized by scientific marketers. We can provide the necessary support in running successful social media campaigns for scientific companies. 
Clients sometimes ask whether Facebook constitutes a quality advertising environment for scientific campaigns. To which we answer: It absolutely does, because Facebook is different for every user. It is a social technology that allows us to stay in contact with friends, colleagues, etc. The quality of the feed depends on who is using facebook, and for a scientist facebook will be completely different than for a teenager in highschool for example.

ResearchGate Scientific Advertising

ReseachGate is the most relevant scientific social network - and is exclusively for scientists. It thus allows for very targeted ad campaigns to introduce products and services to a wider scientific audience.
ResearchGate allows for ad campaigns, emails, and institutional posts. Netxperts can help scientific companies clarify which advertising option would make the most sense in which context. We can also produce your ads and run the campaigns for you.