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We love helping biotech and life science companies maximize their results.

10 times more

online leads for an international biotech company
via Google Ads

"Your services play a central role in our online marketing strategy. The fast and professional assistance you provide allows us to target our international target group in a very effective and focused manner."

Carl Christel - Sirion Biotech GmbH

100 %

Revenue increase
via SEO, Google Ads

45 €

ROI (Return on Investment)
using Facebook Ads, Google Ads

125 %

more event signups
via Facebook Ads and Google Ads

100 %

increase in online results
via Google Ads und Conversion Optimization

300 %

increase in sales leads
via Google Ads


visibility increase
through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


increase in search visitors for a life science company 
through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


visibility increase 
through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your Biotech Online Marketing Consultant

"My name is Guido Müller and I would love to show you how I have helped other life science companies to greater online success. Please send us your information and I will contact you."

Guido Müller - netxperts gmbh

After studying in the United States and Europe, I founded netxperts. My company assisted more than 100 organizations in online marketing, before turning its focus on international biotech and life science companies. After producing favorable biotech marketing results for our client SIRION and others, we developed a proven online marketing package that fits the specific needs of life science companies. netxperts has since partnered with biotech consultants and is also producing online marketing related studies for clients in this industry.

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