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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

You are looking to optimize your website? netxperts will help you improve search engine visibility for your international B2B or scientific audience.

Onpage OptiMIzation

PageSPeed OptimIzation

Google My Business

Google My Business

Many companies have multiple offices in different countries. A Google My Business Optimization can help push your company further by making you more visible. It is a free business listing from Google, with which your company can be found much better - in addition, your company appears not only in Google search, but also in Google maps.

  • Creating listings
  • Optimizing existing listings

Directory Listings

Directory listings

Not only Google offers a relevant business listing for companies. Many other online providers let companies create company profiles free of charge, such as Bing, Facebook, Xing, Yelp etc.. In addition, there are specific directories for some industries with a lot of traffic and good search engine rankings, where the creation of an entry makes sense. The resulting backlinks for your homepage also increase your search visibilty.

  • Analysis of relevant listings
  • Creation & Optimization

SEO content

SEO Content

Websites with sparse or exchangeable content do not receive many Google visitors and do not convince the users. The creation of search engine optimized and trust enhancing content for your target group is the most important priority in such a case. netxperts can help:

  • Content Audits
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • Adding Contents to CMS-Systems
  • Optimizing existing content

SEO for B2B & Scientific Companies

How search engine optimization can be successful

Would you like to be found more frequently with your website for your relevant target groups and know how this can be realised? First of all, an SEO analysis is required in such a case. netxperts examines your website with an SEO analysis tool as well as Google Analytics. It measures how many visitors currently reach the website via the search engines and how well the page ranked for different keywords. This analysis should definitely be carried out by an experienced SEO expert.

SEO analysis

In the analysis, customers learn for which keywords their page is currently ranked and how their own page compares to similar companies in the same industry. This is extremely important in order to understand the potential of the industry for a good ranking. Furthermore, the reasons for the weak rankings are analysed. The most common causes are: (1) too narrow content (2) poor onsite SEO (3) too few backlinks (4) long loading times (5) programming problems. Programming problems also include websites that have not yet been optimized for mobile devices, for example. All these things contribute to the fact that Google neglects or punishes your page. The good news is that each of these causes can be remedied.

What expertise does a good SEO need?

A good search engine optimization requires different skills and qualifications, which are combined in good cooperation for a greater visibility of the site. Since different expertise is required, good communication among the responsible persons is very important.
Nowadays, more than ever, editorial skills are required for good search engine rankings, because a page cannot rank well without content. Search engines read out texts on websites and search engine rankings are determined on the basis of these. If a page has little or no text, it is impossible to achieve good rankings, because Google punishes contents that are too narrow.
It is optimal if an editor also has SEO expertise, because those who do not understand search engines, algorithms, keywords and rankings will arrange the content on the website in an unfavorable way. Ultimately, it is extremely helpful to be able to use different content management systems (CMS) or to have the ability to quickly familiarize yourself with these systems. There are countless CMS on the market that organizations can use to create websites. And although the handling is basically similar, each one works a bit differently.

Keyword research

The first step in a functioning SEO process is keyword research. Keywords can be found in different sources. Some of them are: (1) The current own website (2) An own older website (3) Competitor's websites (4) Google Keyword Planner (5) Synonyms (6) Print material / advertising brochures (7) Web research.
All keywords should be placed in a list. For longer lists it makes sense to subdivide them into business areas and meaningful categories.

Keyword Mapping

The next step is called keyword mapping. This means that it is decided which subpages of the website are to be optimized for which keyword. This is a very important task. Pages with particularly high authority at Google are, for example, the homepage of a website and the pages that can be called up with a click from the homepage. These are therefore given a particularly high importance in the search engines.

So it is also advisable to assign particularly important keywords to the pages that are directly linked from the start page. The start page itself should be optimized for the most important terms associated with the company.

The optimal SEO layout - Where can texts be placed?

It is optimal if pages in the upper part are conversion-optimized and have emotional images, stirring headlines and clear call to actions - in the lower part an even more detailed text should ensure that there are enough keywords for Google: Conversion-optimized at the top, SEO-optimized at the bottom.

How should SEO texts be written?

Texts of a website, even if they are placed at the bottom, should never only be written for Google, but always for the users. Google incorporates over 200 factors into the ranking of a website, but one that is becoming increasingly important is the time users spend on the site. Most of the time, if you focus on a topic, you will automatically include keywords in the text. However, you should make sure that they are the right ones and that sufficient relevance is created.