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You need a professional for web analytics with experience in marketing to B2B and scientific audiences? netxperts provides crucial web analytics and professional optimization for your website.

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How your campaigns can really succeed

Would you like to know how your campaigns in Google Ads, Bing, Facebook and Co. can be more successful? Basically, the success factors for campaigns are always the same: (1) The right focus on suitable target groups (2) the right offer (3) good ads (4) a well converting campaign target page. However, one must not forget to convince users with meaningful, confidence-building content.

What does a Google Ads service provider need to make campaigns more successful?

A Google Ads expert will help you to research the optimal keywords for your campaigns, create suitable ads and optimize your campaign target pages. Campaigns also need to be monitored and optimized on an ongoing basis.
A very important point, which laymen often forget, is the creation of optimal measurability for the campaigns. Without measurability, campaigns are driven blind. That would be like driving a car with your windshield fogged up: The person who controls the campaign then does not know which parts of the campaign are successful and which are not. The result: unnecessary costs.

Achieve more success with conversion optimization

If defects were found within the campaign target pages, they must now be corrected. For this purpose, a briefing must be created, which then goes to the webmaster or the web agency. The more completely the criticized points are repaired and optimized, the greater the chance of good conversion.

Testing whether the new page variant performs better

If an optimization has been implemented, an A/B test can be used to determine the extent of the improvement of the new target page. It is important that sufficient traffic is directed to both target page variants. With about 500 visitors per variant, an A/B test makes no sense, because this is at least necessary to obtain reasonably valid results. With A/B tests, it is often forgotten to secure these numbers of visitors.

Always further optimize

Even if an improvement has been achieved, it is still worth keeping the ball rolling. Never be satisfied too quickly, because further improvements are almost always possible. As with almost all other online marketing disciplines, this also applies here: Constant drops hollow out the stone.