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Our origins

The company was founded in 2007 in Hamburg - at first under a different name: metatactix. The first client: ElitePartner.de, a fast growing online dating platform. Since 2013, the netxperts team has been working with various industries, customers and partners throughout Europe.

From 2013 to 2017, the company was based in Heidelberg, where ties with several health and biotech companies grew, especially through the most important partnership so far: we teamed up with TWT Digital Health.

After his private life led our founder to the Lake Constance region at the beginning of 2018, netxperts started a new focus: we launched our website in English and put a stronger focus on B2B & scientific marketing.

Our strengths 

  • international background
  • scientific language proficiency
  • experience in advertising scientific products
  • knowledge of relevant life sciences online ad guidelines
  • awareness of potential problems, pitfalls and legal issues
  • our solutions work with your existing company website and your existing web design service provider

Our promise 

The maximum website success for scientific websites with the smallest possible budget. We take pride in the many success stories we were able to be a part of

Our philosophy

Online Marketing at its best is understood as an ongoing optimization process where it is possible to continually keep what works and get rid of what doesn't. Experts are involved in important key decisions. Trust is everything. The focus is to use your website to BUILD TRUST with your target audience.



For a language and technology enthusiast like him, search engine marketing was just the thing. Since his first successful search engine project with a large dating platform, he has founded netxperts and achieved notable success in many other online marketing projects. His master thesis at the University of Münster focused on optimizing websites for leads and sales.


With his thesis on social media marketing, successes for some big name brands and several years of experience in conversion optimization, Christian paved his way into online marketing. 


Digital Marketing Native with the strengths of ad design, Google Ads and optimization of international websites. Paola speaks a total of five languages! Loves photography and has more than 20,000 subscribers to her Instagram account.


Through his enormously successful sports blog, he came to enjoy content marketing and search engine optimization. He has been working in the field of SEO, content creation and web analysis for seven years.

netxperts advantages

Why you should give us a chance to make your existing website more successful

    • effective online marketing
      • extensive experience means less headache and better results right from the start
      • more visitors, more leads, more revenue - check our online marketing references
    • budget-friendly success
      • highly standardized and automated online marketing approach 
      • saving up to 70 % in marketing budget compared to more manual approaches
    • 10+ years experience
      • served more than 100 clients
      • 3,5+ Mio € managed ad spend
    • certified experts
      • Google and Bing certified
      • proven internal qualification system